New Orleans Neighborhoods

Things to Consider When Choosing
Where to Stay for Southern Decadence



New Orleans has many distinct neighborhoods.  Here is a brief description of the areas that are nearest to the Southern Decadence events and activities.


The French Quarter

The heart and soul of New Orleans, and "ground zero" for Gay New Orleans.  The Vieux Carre, or "Old Square," is one of the most remarkable locations in the country ... a living historical monument.  The French Quarter is a true "city within a city."  It is possible to live, work and play totally within the French Quarter ... and many people do just that.  With everything that you need within walking distance, many French Quarter residents do not own cars.  The French Quarter is without a doubt the best and most popular place to stay. 


The Central Business District

This is downtown New Orleans, and is adjacent to the French Quarter.  Many of the major hotel chains are located here, and some even border directly on the French Quarter.  If you prefer a large hotel with all of the usual amenities, this area could be your best choice.  Hotel room rates in the CBD are generally a bit lower than in the French Quarter.


The Marigny

Also located adjacent to the French Quarter, this is a mostly residential neighborhood with a number of trendy restaurants, coffee houses and predominantly straight nightclubs.  There are several guest houses in this area, but no large hotels.  It is a neighborhood of choice for artists of all sorts.  And should you find yourself walking through The Marigny, be aware that this area is known as "the maze of New Orleans."  It is comprised of  streets that form triangles, pentagons and squares set at 45-degree angles.  Numbers jump their sequence mid-block, and so do street names.  Most activities would be a long walk or a short cab ride from The Marigny.


The Garden District

Located towards uptown New Orleans, just off of St. Charles Avenue and the "Streetcar" line.  This is a beautiful, predominantly residential area that possesses some the finest architecture in New Orleans.  Consider the Garden District if you prefer accommodations in an area with European flair that doesn't have all of the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter.


The Warehouse District

Located between the Central Business District and The Garden District, this is a now-thriving commercial and residential area.  A part of town that was once filled with run-down commercial warehouses has been converted into art galleries, businesses, hotels, residential complexes and restaurants. Festivities are a short cab ride from this area.



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