The Grand Marshals of
Southern Decadence




As with most royalty, keeping track of Southern Decadence history can be a challenge.

The year 2023 will be the 51st Southern Decadence celebration, but this will be only the 48th year with a Grand Marshal, since Grand Marshal selection did not begin until the third year of Southern Decadence. 

And oddly enough, 2023 gives us the 47th Grand Marshals, because the two Grand Marshals in 1978 were counted as numbers V and VI.  And thanks to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Grand Marshals XXXIII reigned for both 2005 and 2006.  And Hurricane Gustav allowed Grand Marshals XXXV to reign for both 2008 and 2009. 

Also, 2023 will feature the 46th parade, because there was no official parade in 1972, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2020 and 2021.

Here is the complete listing of the Southern Decadence Grand Marshals:

1972 none  
Frederick Wright

1973 none  
1974 I Frederick Wright (deceased)
1975 II Jerome Williams  (deceased)
1976 III Preston Hemmings
1977 IV Robert Laurent    
1978 V & VI Robert King (deceased) and
   Kathleen Kavanaugh


Jamie Temple
1979 VII Bruce Harris
1980 VIII Tom Tippin
1981 IX Tommy Stephan
1982 X Don Ezell  (deceased)
1983 XI Danny Wilson  (deceased)
1984 XII Mumbo
1985 XIII Michael "Fish" Hickerson    
1986 XIV Kathleen Conlon
Miss Fly

Wayne White
1987 XV Olive
1988 XVI Jerome Lebo  (deceased)
1989 XVII George Goode  (deceased)
1990 XVIII Robbie "Ruby" Haywood  (deceased)
1991 XIX Jamie Temple
1992 XX Rhee  (deceased)    
1993 XXI Ms. Fly  (deceased)
Miss Love

Robin Malta
1994 XXII Alain  (deceased)
1995 XXIII Ed "Blanche" Norton  (deceased)
1996 XXIV Wayne White
1997 XXV Miss Love
1998 XXVI Robin Malta  (deceased)    
1999 XXVII Errol Rizzuto - The Dark Lady of

Rick Thomas, Bianca Del Rio
and Pat "Estelle" Ritter
2000 XXVIII Tony Langlinais and
   Thom "Smurf" Murphy 
2001 XXIX Bianca Del Rio, Rick Thomas (deceased),
    and Pat "Estelle" Ritter
2002 XXX "Irish" Mike Sheehan
2003 XXXI Rusty LaRoux  
2004 XXXII Donnie Jay  (deceased)
Lisa Beaumann and Regina Adams
XXXIII Lisa Beaumann and Regina Adams
2007 XXXIV Electra City, Guadalupe and
   Marcus Martinez
XXXV Tittie Toulouse and Paloma
Toby Lefort and Julien Artressia
2010 XXXVI Julien Artressia and Toby Lefort
2011 XXXVII Tiffany Alexander and Misael Rubio
2012 XXXVIII Pat McArdle
2013 XXXIX Tami Tarmac and Venus Santiago
2014 XL Aubrey Synclaire, Chad Boutte and
   Reba Douglas

Aubrey Synclaire
2015 XLI Steven Mora, Frankie Fierce,
Marsha Naquin-Delain
and Rip Naquin-Delain
isti Ates
2016 XLII Tony Leggio, Felicia Phillips (Philip Anthony), Derek Penton-Robicheaux and Jeffrey Palmquist
2017 XLIII Princesse Stephaney, Coca J Mesa
   and Persana Shoulders
2018 XLIV Frank Perez and Adikus Sulpizi  
2019 XLV Countess C Alice and Will Antill  
2020   COVID  
2021   COVID  
2022 XLVI Rikki Redd and Danny Girl  
2023 XLVII Nicole Dubois, Jimmy Gale and
   Monica Synclaire Kennedy

An Official theme, color and song has been selected annually since 1987.


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